Mero Pos

Sales and Inventory Management System

As the entire business world marches towards modernization and globalization through digitalization, we understand that it’s time to say goodbye to the conventional and complicated methods of sales and inventory recordings. Because we believe that in every business you own, failure is not an option.
A web based solution for your business either it is a start-up, mid-sized or all the way to an enterprise, from wholesaler to retailer: MERO POS has been designed to provide you real time insights of your sales, purchases and inventory through simple and convenient access. Time and extra manpower is no more an issue, bulky paper recordings replaced with interactive digital platform, access to multiple business locations and instant direct access to your business statistics from any corner of the world.
If you are looking for your business enhancement accompanied by cost and effort minimization in managing sales and inventory,
getting MERO POS can be a smart decision.

Why Mero POS ?

To optimize efficiency of a business and make it well-organized and hassle free through cost, time and manpower minimization, data transparency, optimal inventory level and real time business tracking.

Optimization of Efficiency and Productivity:

MERO POS is quite smart to provide you real time analytics and reports on every aspect of business which enable you to predict market demand and trending sales. It helps you respond quickly to the market demand and get prepared with adequate stocks for targeted clients, ultimately optimizing efficiency and productivity of your business.

Cost-saving and Profit Maximization:

Automation is the quickest way of cost-saving. As a business gets automated, it eliminates all the inventory cost generated through human errors like stock-outs, overstocks, pricing and others. On the other hand, reduction in time, reduction in effort and number of manpower, data accuracy and genuine business tracking reduces the cost and helps in taking profitable decisions.

Automation of Manual Tasks:

MERO POS is a step-up from the conventional inventory and sales recording methodology towards digitalization. This system replaces manual efforts and provides auto generated bills, profit and loss calculation, tax calculation, stock reports and more.

Business Integration with Digital Platform:

Entire business aspects like sales, purchases, inventory, billings, tax, profit, loss and all others get integrated to digital platform with MERO POS. It overcomes bulky paper works, increased cost, additional manpower, low productivity and business inaccuracies.

Global Access:

Being a web based software, you can access and get into the insights of each sector of your business from any corner of the world. In addition, it allows sales to be made even in the absence of internet.

Error Reduction:

A single error in calculation can lead to severe effects in business data. By choosing MERO POS, you will not only minimize the human error but get 100% authentic calculation and statistics as per the provided entry.


How long can a business sustain with primitive methodology and how far can it be dragged? Successful business comes with a smart system.
All the brilliant features included in MERO POS will undoubtedly hype up your business.

Product/Brand Management and Categorization:

MERO POS works as a product manager for your business. It assists in categorising each product as per its brand and type, prioritizes as per the market demand and lets you know which brand and product to increase and which one to decrease during purchase or production. Tracking the current market trend and customers’ feedback, the system helps your business to deliver a better one in future by rectifying all the inaccuracies if present.

Purchase and Inventory Management:

This software helps to control the procurement process from purchase requests, issuance of purchase orders, receiving of goods, and voucher creation. It is not only for the procurement department but across the entire business including purchase requisitions, supplier approvals, P.O. approval, and facilitate for tracking of purchase at any point in the cycle and minimize the time required to execute procurement tasks.

Stock Notification and MAnagement:

Overstock and stock-out are the major complications, a business encounters when made use of manual inputs. A business loses its money and space if the overstock is not sold, whereas stock- out worsens customer experience and increases the bounce rate. So, accurate stock information is mandatory for a smooth flow of any business. MERO POS serves you with alert notification about current stock status and always keeps you updated with your business stocks.

Sales (Billing / Invoice / Offline sale):

The system works on the principle “Work less, sell more”. It offers all the sales automation features including sales tracking, sales order management, sales analytics, contact management for sales, billing and even allows offline sales, though with a very minimal effort.

Customer Management

No matter what your business is about, customers are always the primary asset. A poor customer management system obviously brings dent in business. MERO POS records customers’ information, tracks their business behavior, assists in customers’ categorization and allows you to target specific products for them. It helps you provide excellent customer service and develop your business as a trusted source.

Suppliers Management

The system records each supply in addition to the supplier and minimizes the risk of defects. It assists in monitoring supplies and suppliers, measuring your supply and most importantly evaluating suppliers’ performance which eventually leads to smart selection of suppliers.


MERO POS has been integrated with report automation as well. Our smart system generates reports of each aspect of your business like purchase, sale, stock, customer, supplier and others. Reports display real time and accurate insights of your business and help to determine market trends, save time and money, optimize efficiency, reduce risk and discover weaknesses to be taken care of.

Discount Management

One of the prominent ways to attract customers, improve customers’ experience and build a good relationship with customers is by offering them discounts. Similarly, monitoring, evaluating and comparing discounts to customers or discounts from suppliers is equally important. Our personalized discount management system helps you design attractive discount offers by tracking customers’ business patterns ultimately increasing sales.

Security and User Management

To ensure security and privacy of your business transactions and to allow only the safe hands to operate, the system has been designed with password protection and user management function. Adding or deleting users, setting roles, granting access of different functions and configuring or deleting a notification profile is very easy with MERO POS.